Drink West Pale Ale 50L Keg


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Introducing our extraordinary pale ale, crafted with pure passion! This brew is a celebration of local goodness, made with 100% NSW malt sourced from the fertile Riverina area, and adorned with the exclusivity of 100% unique Victorian hops—Melba and Astra.

Prepare to be enthralled by the magic that unfolds with every sip. Delight in the sweet, tropical allure and succulent fruity notes that dance playfully on your taste buds, harmonising to perfection. As you relish the experience, a refreshing dryness sweeps in, ensuring each moment with this pale ale is an unforgettable journey of flavor. Cheers to a taste adventure unlike any other!

ABV: 4.2%

About the Keg

This keg requires a A Type Coupler.

Equipment not included. You are purchasing the keg only. 
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Pickup & Delivery

  • Pickup available from Drink West Brewery.
  • Delivery ONLY in Sydney Metro and Greater Western Sydney. 
    For delivery to other areas, please enquire for a delivery quote.

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